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Squash With Spinach, Feta and Black Beans

In a small bowl combine beans, basil, oregano, 1 tbsp oil and vinegar, set aside.

In a large frying pan heat butter ...
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This chart shows all of the products that we grow at Hi-Berry Farm. The two columns on the right show the approximate timing of when we expect the seasons for these crops to start and when we expect them to end.

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Crop Start End  
CLOSED FOR THE SEASON November First Early May Available Now
Asparagus Early May Late June
Blueberries Late July Early September
Honey Early May Late October
New Potatoes Mid June Late October
Strawberries Mid June Late September
Peas Mid June Early August
Broccoli Late June Early October
Cauliflower Late June Early October
Cabbage Late June Early October
Gladiolas Early July Mid September
Garlic Early July Late October
Beans Mid July Late September
Beets Mid June Early September
Carrots Early July Mid September
Eggplant Mid August Late September
Garlic Scapes Mid June Early July
Green Garlic Late May Early June
Green Peppers Mid August Late September
Hungarian Hot Peppers Early August Mid September
Kohlrabi Late June September
Lettuce Mid June Mid August
Potted Basil June September
Radishes July September
Raspberries Mid July Late September
Red Onions Early August Late October
Red Peppers Late August Late October
Rhubarb Early May Late June
Spanish Onions Early August Late October
Spinach Early June Mid September
Swiss Chard Early June Early July
Sweet Corn Mid July Mid October
Zucchini Mid July Late August
Grape Tomatoes Mid July Early October
Cantaloupe Late July Early September
Tomatoes Late July Early October
Green Onions Mid July Late October
Cucumbers Early August Early September
Watermelon Early August Early September
Sweet Potatoes Late August Late October
Mums Late August Late October
Pumpkins Early September Late October
Squash Early September Late October
Gourds Early September Late October
Straw Bales Early September Late October
Decorative Corn Early September Late October


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