HiBerry Farm Produce

The Produce

Our Produce is as fresh as it gets. We only sell what we grow.  We plant and harvest all of the fruits and vegetables that are sold in our store. That's how we ensure that all of our produce is of the best possible quality.

Asparagus season starts early in May and lasts until the first of July.  Asparagus is much loved because it is among the earliest fresh vegetables available in Saugeen Shores. 
Sweet Corn
Sweet Corn is best when it's fresh.  That's why we pick our Sweet Corn fresh every day.  It's never chilled and never stored over night.
Sweet Corn
Sweet Corn
Our sweet rhubarb is available first thing in the spring and lasts right through until early July. 
This is some seriously impressive Rhubarb. It's fresh and tasty people.
Romaine Lettuce
Lettuce is always at it's best when it's fresh picked.  At Hi-Berry Farm, our lettuce is picked fresh and marketed that way too!
Peas are the perfect, healthy snack food. To be at their best they need to be fresh. We use a combination of different varieties and delayed planting to ensure that our peas are always harvested at the perfect stage of maturity. Our standard is full pods of sweet peas and we accept nothing less. 
Peas in Ontario
When they're fresh, beets are unBEETably tender and sweet.  Our beets are always fresh!
You haven't had eggplant until you've eaten fresh picked eggplant.  Every day an eggplant sits in storage it loses something.  That's why we don't store it.  We pick it fresh and sell it fresh.  Period.
Spanish Onions
There's nothing better than one of these sweet, fresh onions to cook with or to enjoy on a light summer sandwich.
Our fresh radishes are tender, succlent and ready to be eaten just as they are or as part of an summer salad.

We plant radishes once a week throughout May and June.  That's how we ensure that we can always harvest them at the perfect stage of maturity.
We have fresh strawberries from early in June until mid September.  By growing a combination of day neutral (everbearing) varieties and conventional varieties we are able to harvest a nearly constant supply throughout the summer.
Strawberries Hiberry Farm
Strawberries Hiberry Farm
Strawberries Hiberry Farm
Strawberries Hiberry Farm
Strawberries Hiberry Farm
Waffles Strawberries
New Potatoes
There is nothing like a fresh picked New Potato.  We grow them and we pick them fresh every day.
Potato Washing
Care is taken to clean all our potatoes that come in from the field.
Potato Buckets
We wash them then get them ready for you.
Swiss Chard
Colourful Swiss Chard is a healthy addition to a spring time stir fry.  We only have this product for a short time early in June, so enjoy it while it's fresh!
Potted Basil
Take home one of our home grown, basil plants and harvest your own fresh basil throughout the season.
Kohlrabi is only really good when it's fresh.  With the flavor of a sweet cabbage and the consistency of a tender turnip, Kohlrabi is a unique, early summer treat.
Our honey is produced on our farm by the bees that pollinate our fruit and vegetable crops.  It is unpasturized and filled with the flavors of our growing season.
Closed for the Season.
We are currently closed for the season. Please check back in Spring 2019.
Planted in late summer and harvested the following spring, our Parsnips are a tasty addition to our springtime vegetable medly.
Potted Lettuce
There's nothing better than picking your own lettuce for a fresh salad.  Our potted lettuce lets you do just that!
Dill Weed
To make the best pickles you need the best Dill and, at Hi-Berry Farm, we've got it!
Our dill is all fresh picked and packed with flavour that you'll be enjoying all winter long.
Garlic Scapes
Garlic Scapes are the flower of the garlic plant.  With a fresh, garlic taste they are perfect for summer salads and for cooking.  This delacacy only lasts for a short time and is only good picked fresh - which is just the way we do it!
Green Garlic is a unique product you can only get for a short time in early summer.  It is freshly pulled garlic that is not dried.  There is nothing better than roasted green garlic fresh from the field!